A Guide to Kamen Rider

KnitChick/ November 4, 2020/ Kamen Rider/ 0 comments

Not sure what season of Kamen Rider you want to begin with? Here’s an overview of each season to help you decide! Good starting points in general are the start of each era (so the initial Kamen Rider series that started the Showa era of Rider, or Kamen Rider Kuuga, the start of Heisei Riders), or Kamen Rider W, the

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Newbie’s Guide to Conventions

KnitChick/ January 6, 2019/ Conventions/ 0 comments

So you want to attend a convention? That’s great! Nowadays there are so many different fun conventions of all different types to choose from. There’s anime cons, entertainment cons, fandom-specific cons, literature cons, and everything else under the sun. This guide will cover the differences between types of conventions, how to gather the information you need to make a decision

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