Birthday Freebies – 2022 edition

KnitChick/ October 31, 2022/ Blog

Welcome to the 2022 edition of the birthday freebies list! Every year as I share my progress in raking in as many goodies as I possibly can, someone always asks how to find these freebies. So I’ve started making a blog post with what I get each year.

Birthday Freebie List 2020

KnitChick/ November 2, 2020/ Blog

Hi all, it’s that time of year! November has begun and with it, the litany of birthday offers. This is my annual post with a listing of what birthday offers have rolled in this year (you can find my 2019 list, 2018 list, and 2016 list on my blog). Last year, I received a total of 94 different offers and

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Birthday Freebies 2019

KnitChick/ November 1, 2019/ Blog

It’s November, which means it begins my month of how much free stuff can I rake in just for turning another year older. Every year friends ask me how I get all this stuff so I have started making a list to share of what freebies I get, from where, and how I signed up. This year I’m starting the

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Birthday Freebie List 2018

KnitChick/ December 6, 2018/ Blog

Come November, once again I play the annual ‘how much free stuff can I rake in’ game! Every year I have friends asking how I manage to pull in so much for my birthday, so I’m sharing what I got this year and how I got it. A lot of these are through either email lists or phone apps, so

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Birthday Freebie List 2016

KnitChick/ November 23, 2016/ Blog

A lot of friends have been curious about how I manage so many free things for my birthday (this year’s count – 64 offers received!) so I thought I’d put up a post detailing what I got for everyone’s reference.