Halloween 2020

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This year was a very quiet, understated Halloween for me. I did manage to get out and get a few photos of decorations though, and I wanted to share them!

A friend clued me in to a decorated house in a nearby suburb that was totally up my alley. I’m a big NASA nerd, have been since I was a little kid. So a NASA themed Halloween scene was very much of interest to me! I should have brought some paper with me and left a note for these lovely people, because they really did an amazing job with this and it brightened my day! The little details were what made it, and I really love that they added a rocket chute for candy delivery, so even their candy delivery fit the theme.

In addition to the fantastic Mission Control above, I took a few shots of decorations around the area as I was out and about. My neighbors (both right next to us and across the street) always do an amazing job decorating and while I was out taking photos of the moon, I also got a couple nice nighttime shots of their decorations.

For home, my parents and I didn’t do a lot but we did pick up an adorable new ghost projector from Target, added some little window clings I found at Dollar Tree, and I tried carving a pumpkin to enter a contest from Michaels Arts & Crafts. Plus I joined in a month-long stitch-along from Stitchonomy, where we were given a frame chart ahead of time and then each day a new chart was released. I stitched all but three of the charts (there were three horror movies I just couldn’t bring myself to stitch), and substituted Winifred Sanderson, some candy, and a 2020 dumpster fire for those three (charts made by people in the stitch-along group). I’m still doing a little backstitching to define some of the figures that are harder to see but for the most part it’s done!

All in all it was a nice quiet relaxed Halloween, the most low key one for me in over a decade. For many years I have spent Halloween either sleeping over at a friend’s place (seance followed by all of us retreating to our respective laptops to start NaNoWriMo), working the Youmacon convention in Detroit (or driving to the convention), or just doing something. I think the last Halloween I stayed in was probably 2006, when I was newly single and had no friends thanks to my ex. Heck, I didn’t even put on a costume! Just my Halloween leggings. Feels weird not spending Halloween in costume. Still, I think I needed the relaxation time. I watched the new Roald Dahl’s The Witches movie this evening with mom (very well done and I definitely recommend watching it), and I also spent a bit of time taking some photos of the spooky moon peeking out from the clouds. I might post those photos later, I’m still playing around with them.

Anyway – I hope everyone had a happy Halloween! And on to NaNoWriMo if you are participating. This year instead of a novel (since I have no ideas), I’m pushing myself to add 50,000 words of content to my websites in progress and publish at least 30 new pages worth of content as well. I’m so terrible about sitting down to work on my website and doing nothing but changing the theme or trying new plugins for three hours. Wish me luck!

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