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I’ve posted and shared on Facebook but I thought I’d share here as well the things I’m trying to sell in my online garage sale of sorts. Plus, over here, I can share my goals of what I’m trying to save up money for with these sales.

First savings goal is a new graphics tablet. My poor old Wacom has finally given up the ghost – the death knell basically was when the rubber grip (that makes it easier to hold the pen & also holds the buttons in place) disintegrated off the pen. Literally. It’s got to be at least 16-17 years old at this point I think, I got it somewhere around 2004 or 2005. My friend has a brand new tablet with a preview screen (so way more updated than my ancient tiny Wacom) that she bought and discovered she couldn’t draw with that style, so it’s barely touched with all pieces & box and all. She’s asking $200, way less than what it sells for secondhand even, so it’s a good deal and I think the style will work for me.


Savings goal 2, once I get the tablet, is a 23andMe genetic test. I’ve been meaning to get this for a few years, ever since 23andMe first really hit the market. I want theirs specifically, not the Ancestry, because while I wouldn’t mind finding relatives, I’m more interested in medical information. As an adoptee, I have no knowledge of potential medical history (my parents were told no family history of anything but asthma, which seems weird cuz what family has nothing?) So I want to get the 23andMe genetic testing with medical information, which is $200.

[Screenshot of 23andMe page with some information on the Health + Ancestry Service package]

Savings goal 3 is a bit more practical. I need some new underwear. I’ve been getting my undies from TomboyX, which are fantastic and last forever, but alas I am finding some small holes in a few of my favorite pairs (but not bad considering most of these pairs I bought in 2017). I’m setting this goal at $100, that will get me 3 pairs of cute pattern undies, which will let me retire the three pairs with holes.


How am I raising the money?

Here’s the stuff I’m selling! I have an album on Facebook, and I also posted the same photos here on my website.

Facebook album

Sales page

I also will happily take donations if you don’t want to buy anything. I can take donations or payment for items I’m selling via:



Please use my contact form to contact me regarding any items you are interested in! (or if we are friends on Facebook or Discord or other platforms, feel free to private message me)

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