Birthday Freebies – 2022 edition

KnitChick/ October 31, 2022/ Blog

Welcome to the 2022 edition of the birthday freebies list! Every year as I share my progress in raking in as many goodies as I possibly can, someone always asks how to find these freebies. So I’ve started making a blog post with what I get each year.

Buy my stuff!

KnitChick/ August 3, 2021/ Blog, Cosplay, Tokusatsu

I’ve posted and shared on Facebook but I thought I’d share here as well the things I’m trying to sell in my online garage sale of sorts. Plus, over here, I can share my goals of what I’m trying to save up money for with these sales.

Streaming Services Review

KnitChick/ January 12, 2021/ Blog

Streaming services are definitely the thing right now, especially now that there’s a pandemic and it’s keeping people inside watching TV much more. But not all streaming services are created equal. Nor are they all easy to sign up or start using. I thought I’d start a comparison of the various services out there with some tips and tricks.

A Guide to Kamen Rider

KnitChick/ November 4, 2020/ Kamen Rider

Not sure what season of Kamen Rider you want to begin with? Here’s an overview of each season to help you decide! Good starting points in general are the start of each era (so the initial Kamen Rider series that started the Showa era of Rider, or Kamen Rider Kuuga, the start of Heisei Riders), or Kamen Rider W, the

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Birthday Freebie List 2020

KnitChick/ November 2, 2020/ Blog

Hi all, it’s that time of year! November has begun and with it, the litany of birthday offers. This is my annual post with a listing of what birthday offers have rolled in this year (you can find my 2019 list, 2018 list, and 2016 list on my blog). Last year, I received a total of 94 different offers and

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Halloween 2020

KnitChick/ November 1, 2020/ Blog

This year was a very quiet, understated Halloween for me. I did manage to get out and get a few photos of decorations though, and I wanted to share them!

Birthday Freebies 2019

KnitChick/ November 1, 2019/ Blog

It’s November, which means it begins my month of how much free stuff can I rake in just for turning another year older. Every year friends ask me how I get all this stuff so I have started making a list to share of what freebies I get, from where, and how I signed up. This year I’m starting the

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What do convention staff do?

KnitChick/ April 29, 2019/ Convention Staffing

This post is to help shed some light on what exactly goes into putting on a fan-run convention. Now, I won’t go into the nitty gritty details (some of which is only meant to be known by staff, some of which differs greatly by convention), but just speak in general terms. I feel like a lot of people think staff

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