Sugar Factory

KnitChick/ January 3, 2019/ Rosemont Guide

Sugar Factory is a trendy Instagram-friendly spot where you definitely do not want to count the calories! They have a small candy shop and a large restaurant with an extensive selection of great food and fun drinks.

5445 Park Place 
Rosemont, IL 60018

Sugar Factory is the place to be if you love to Instagram your food! Not only is everything on their menu delicious, but it’s all very photogenic. The fun starts in their small candy store where you can fill up all sorts of cute containers (Chinese takeout boxes or paint pails or other cute shapes, all emblazoned with the Sugar Factory logo) with delicious bulk candy. There’s also a station where you can fill a giant pixie stick full of sweet and/or sour powders, lots of fun packaged candies, and their signature bedazzled lollipops.

Once you sit down in the restaurant, a menu full of colorful drinks and delicious food awaits. They are best known for their goblet drinks, which are huge and meant for a crowd. They are assembled at the table, as most of them contain some dry ice which turns them into smoking potions when all the ingredients are added. Many of the goblets include some form of candy in them as well – from gummy cherries in the Mai Tai to lollipops & candy bracelets in the Lollipop Passion. They also have other drinks, martinis and cocktails that may not be as flamboyant or large as the goblets (they’re meant for one person, not four!) but are just as photogenic. For those who don’t drink, there’s also an extensive list of milkshakes which are delicious and Instagram-worthy!

The food part of the menu is full of American fare, with sandwiches, burgers, pasta, various entrees, and breakfast items. They also have fondues for groups, which can be pricey but it definitely seems like there’s a lot of food for the money. On the weekends, there is an extensive brunch menu. Save room for dessert, too, as there are cakes, cheesecakes, sundaes for two, and ice cream sandwiches on offer.

While Sugar Factory is not cheap, it’s not horribly expensive for the area and you definitely get your money’s worth! I’ve gone a few times and it’s a lot of fun if you’re celebrating a special occasion. Definitely best with a group – especially if you want to try the signature goblets. My group usually splits those between 5 people and barely finishes, there’s a lot of drink in there! I’ve tried the milkshakes (and they’ve added some new items to that list, which look designed for Instagram) and they are delicious! The food is great, everything we’ve had was absolutely delicious and not a bad serving size for the price you pay.

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