Parkway Bank Park

KnitChick/ January 4, 2019/ Rosemont Guide

Parkway Bank Park is an entertainment area located between Bryn Mawr and Balmoral, behind the Doubletree, Embassy Suites, and Hilton hotels and next to I-294. It is full of restaurants, with some entertainment venues, and an area that is covered in artificial grass in the summer, then becomes a skating rink in winter. 

The Park is easy to get to from various parts of Rosemont, on foot, by car, or via transit. On foot, the safest route from the direction of the convention center is to walk into the parking garage from the Doubletree side of the entrance, which is where you will find a sidewalk that takes you safely through the garage and out into the Park. Walking along Bryn Mawr is possible, but there is not a sidewalk the entire way from River to the Park, and there are a few points with very steep curbs (so avoid that route if you are on wheels). 

If coming by car, the best way into the parking garage is to head west down Bryn Mawr from River Road. Make a left by Muvico (it’s a fairly large building and hard to miss), and follow the signs into self-parking. Most of the businesses in the park will validate your parking (I know for sure Sugar Factory and Muvico will, those are my two main stops for validating). 

Via transit, the easiest way into the park is to hop on the free Rosemont Circulator shuttle bus. It makes 4 main stops on its circuit: the Rosemont blue line CTA station, the Park, the outlet mall, and the convention center. This shuttle is branded with the Pace logo (it is run by Pace and paid for by the city of Rosemont). There is also another shuttle, run by the city of Rosemont, that simply goes between the convention center and the parking garage. That one does not have the Pace logo but rather is completely Rosemont branded. 

If taking a taxi or ride-share service to get into the Park, be aware that cars and other vehicles can only traverse the outer ring of the park. They are limited in places to stop as well, and must travel only one way. The easiest spots for pickup and drop off are in front of Muvico (on their small driveway) or the backside of Kings/Five Roses (basically the other side of the road from the Muvico dropoff spot). The front of iFly is another spot where vehicles can stop briefly. Be sure to be ready and waiting for pickup, as vehicles cannot stop for long, especially at busy times. Evenings and weekends, there will be quite a few Rosemont Public Safety officers around that will send your vehicle on its way if you aren’t right there on time. 


The majority of venues inside this location are excellent restaurants!


There are a few entertainment spots in the Park, if you’re looking for something to do other than eat! 

  • Muvico (now owned & operated by AMC Theatres)
  • Zanie’s Comedy Club
  • iFly Indoor Skydiving
  • Joe’s Live (live music venue)
  • Big Ten Experience
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