This is a central page for items I am attempting to sell.

Prices are marked for each item. Prices do not include shipping – shipping is extra, paid by the buyer, and will be calculated on a case-by-case basis (I do combine shipping & it will depend on what kind of box/envelope things fit in and your address). For some of the more valuable items I will insist on non-USPS shipping with insurance to protect both off us. Please use my contact form to contact me if you are interested in any of these items. (I also have these all saved in a Facebook album as well)

Tokusatsu items

Various tokusatsu items, Kamen Rider and Super Sentai books, toys, and costume pieces.

Dekagreen jacket, official Premium Bandai. Size LL (US size L). Asking $250. Purchased in excellent condition from Japan Hero Collectibles and worn once. Including pants, commissioned from an AliExpress seller (worth $40) for free. Stripes on pants are inaccurate color (it’s hard to match over the internet), but the hardware could be re-used. **This item will need to be shipped via UPS or FedEx with insurance due to its value**

Measures approximately 44″ chest, 24″ sleeve length, 18″ shoulder width, 26″ long. Pants measure approximately 45″ waist & 37″ long.

Kyuranger orange jacket. Replica made by Just Epic Stuff, measurements were off. Approximately 43″ chest, 24″ sleeve length, 18″ shoulder width, 25″ length. $50

Kamen Rider Mach jacket. Replica made by AliExpress seller, measurements slightly off. Approximately 50″ chest, 20″ sleeve length, 19″ shoulder width, 24″ long. Sleeves are approximately 15″ around at the top (this is where it was too snug – they took the measurement of my arm as the size for the outer fabric, which made it too snug around the biceps). $30

Dino Force Brave black jacket. Replica made by Just Epic Stuff. Was not made to correct specs. Measures approx 49″ chest, 24″ sleeve length, 20″ shoulder width, 26″ length. $60

Premium Bandai Windscale jacket. Philip black windbreaker jacket, size L (so approx US medium). Measures approximately 38″ chest, 24″ sleeve length, 16″ shoulder width, 25″ length. $50

Kyuranger Detail of Super Sentai hardcover book. New (duplicate copy), $35 (usually sells for $40 at cons).

Kyuranger kids photo & activity book, purchased from Kinokuniya (duplicate copy, brand new, paid $10). Asking $8.

Kamen Rider candy toy miniature belts. Brand new in unopened boxes (extras from ordering a case). One each of Kuuga, Kuuga Rising, Den-O, W, and W Eternal. Each one is a miniature belt with a small compartment for the tiny candies (included) and comes with a stand that gives the name of the belt. $5 each. (W & W Eternal SOLD)

Kamen Rider candy toy figures. Brand new in unopened boxes (extras from ordering a case). One each Kuuga and Kiva, three of Ghost. Each figure has two poses available, and comes with a candy. $5 each.


Various books, most are accidental duplicate buys (it pays to keep a list of what you own on your phone so this doesn’t happen, kids!)

Dr Fourth book. Duplicate copy, brand new condition. $5

Ghost Stories of Illinois. Duplicate copy, new condition. $9

Library Wars manga, volumes 9 & 14, both pretty new condition. Duplicate copies. Asking $5 each.

A Wrinkle in Time paperback. Like new condition (read once then replaced with a box set for the series). $5

Various other items

Fish wall hanging. Quilted wall hanging with two loops at the top for hanging, front side is a fish portrait and back is a repeating pattern (seen in lower left corner). Was a sample displayed at Hobby Lobby years ago & then hung in my room for a while, but still in good shape (if a bit dusty). $5

Black vest, purchased secondhand. Tag says “Paragraff Clothing Co.” and gives size as M. Measures approximately 18″ wide laying flat, and 24″ long. $5

Grey pinstripe vest, bought secondhand. Tag says “Menswear by Nulook Fashions” and gives size as L48. Measures approximately 22″ wide laid flat, and 26″ long. $5

Spider-Man dress shirt. Bought years ago and worn a handful of times, but well cared for and still in pretty decent condition. Marked as size L, chest measures approximately 23″ wide laying flat. $10